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Wood Floor Care

Wood Floor Care Tips

Today's wood floors are easier to care for than ever. Here are a few tips to help you keep yours looking beautiful for years.

After installation:

Wait two weeks after your new wood floor is installed before covering it with rugs. This gives the finish time to set properly.

Protect high traffic areas:

Use tracking mats at exterior doors, in front of sinks and refrigerators, and in other high traffic areas.

Avoid Scratches:

Use felt pads or floor glides under chairs and other furniture so that when the furniture moves, it doesn't scratch your wood floor. Don't wax the bottoms of chair legs; the wax won't protect your floor the way felt pads and glides will.

Clean your wood floor regularly:

On a regular basis, dust mop or vacuum your floors with a bristle head vacuum.

For spills and tracked-in dirt:

For spills and tracked-in dirt, lightly sponge mop your floor with BASICS' Squeaky CleanerŪ.

If you can't get Squeaky Cleaner, mix 1 cup Glass PlusŪ with one gallon of water, then sponge mop the area you want to clean. Yes, it's important to use the Glass PlusŪ brand. Other glass cleaners contain ammonia which can damage the finish of your wood floor.

Some definite don'ts:

Some cleaners and polishes can damage water-based finishes. Never use paste wax, wax, or silicone-based polish, solvent or pine based cleaners on your wood floor. Wax or polish can actually make your floor more difficult to clean...and create problems when your floor needs refinishing.

When it's time to refinish:

Your hardwood floor should be recoated when its original finish shows signs of wear, but before it's worn down to bare wood. Once your floor has won down to bare wood, it will stain easily and may require sanding.

When to call for professional help:

If your wood floor has areas where the finish has worn down to bare wood, or if that heavy sofa you just dragged from one end of the living room to the other scratched its path into your floor, call us. We can evaluate the damage and recommend the best solution. Remember, it's better to have a professional take a look before you try a weekend patch-fix. Otherwise you may worsen the damage and end up spending time and money for results you're not happy with.


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